Everett Wilson Quoted in MARCUM HEALTHCARE on the U.S. Supreme Court Debate of the Individual Mandate

Everett Wilson was quoted in the MARCUM HEALTHCARE article titled, “U.S. Supreme Court to Debate the Individual Mandate; Future of Healthcare Delivery at a Crossroads.” The article examines the challenge to the Individual Mandate (IM) that will be discussed by the Supreme Court starting today, highlighting key questions on the consitutionality of the IM and whether an unconstitutional IM is severable from the rest of the law or if a stricken IM invalidates the entire law.

Wilson states, “Irrespective of the Supreme Court’s view on the IM, I really doubt that the Court will find that the provisions are so intertwined that the whole law should be stricken. Particularly since many insurance coverage provisions have already gone into effect.”