Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales

We thought it would be helpful to draw the attention of potential occupiers and investors of commercial property to the Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales…………………..

Advertising and Promotion Law Alert - "Safe," "Healthy," "Fiction" Claims Prased in Splenda War


This is Part 2 of a recently published article jointly written by Alison Green, Head of Family Law in the London Office of Mackrell Turner Garrett, and Mark Parker & Rachell Pavone of Lander & Rogers, Sydney Australia.


This is a map that we now use regularly for advertising – copies have been sent to several other MI members for them to use too – simple and effective….


We have renegotiated our discounted rates with Kingsway Hall Hotel in Central London. Just mention our name to get these rates….

Missing Attachment

The attached article written by Rosanna Sattler and Joe Corrigan appeared in the November 2007 ALM Employment Law Strategist.

Literal Falsity by Necessary Implication: Presuming Deception Without Evidence in Lanham Act False Advertising Cases

Advertising and Promotion Law Alert - Performance Claims Require More Specific Support